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Creative Thinking

Poker is a game which requires you to learn and grow,  allow you to have a stronger grasp of the strategies you pull.

Social Playing

Play for fun is the number one rule which will give you the right catch into the world of poker while being able to understand your players.

Business And Professional Purposes

Poker is a serious game which requires quite a bit of strategy and skill which will allow you to give yourself a solid win.

Excellent Hobby

Poker can be a game which will give you the right confidence to communicate. A perfect hobby for people who like socializing.

Who We Are?

We are a group of individuals who love poker and want to make sure that it is accessible to all who loves and adores the game.

Safe & Secure

Our strict policy when it comes to depositing and withdrawal of money can give you the right chance to wager off the money.

10 Million Users

We are already 10 million strong and we are showing no signs to slow with the speed that we are growing in right now.

We’re Social

If you want a game which will allow you to connect to the right people for your growth? We have the right platform for you.

Hot Offers

Offers which one cannot resists and by subscribing to our loyalty program you have the chance to win exciting offers every day.

Top 3D Poker Games


Seven Card Stud

A longer version of Texas hold’ em but which involves a lot of strategies for your right win.

Omaha High

A variant of poker which is the best when you are looking to keep the spirit of poker alive with a chance at luck.

Texas Hold’em

One of the most common poker game which can be your go-to if you are looking to socialize with the people.

Razz (7 Card Stud Low)

This is nothing but a different variant of the seven-card stud,  but with a twist of lower settings.

Spin & Go poker

A fun version which can be played with your family and friends for a night that you will never forget.

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    The Biggest Reason You Aren’t Winning at Online Slots

    Finding an online casino that pays out in maximum winnings is tough. The best online slots always seem to be where you’re given a small chance of winning. And nothing sounds better than getting your hands on some cash without having to work too hard for it. It is by luck that you win and by chance that you lose. In online slots, the odds are in your favour.

    Online slots are a popular and exciting pastime for many people. For you to avoid losing at online slots, you’re just going to have to know how to play your game. Reasons for not winning at online slots include the following.

    Failure To Take Advantage of the Newest Slot Releases

    For many people, especially those who are just getting started with online slots, if it looks pretty and the colours are bright, they will want to play it.

    They offer unique features and, often, progressive jackpots. That’s not to say that older games aren’t worth playing; many of them offer bonuses and prizes that can rival those of their flashier cousins. But if you’re looking to get the most out of your wares, it’s time to find the latest and greatest.

    The Biggest Reason You Aren’t Winning at Online Slots

    Being Impatient

    Playing slots online is a lot of fun, but like anything fun, it’s not something you should do every day. You must learn how to limit your losses to get long-term benefits from the newest slot releases and the games offering progressive jackpots. If you’re just playing for fun, there’s no sense in pressing your luck; if you’re playing for profit, you have to have a plan.

    Not Knowing the Games

    As with any casino game or online activity, knowing what you’re doing is the best way to get ahead. You won’t find any progressive jackpots or bonuses on games you don’t understand, so it only makes sense that if you want to win at online slots in New Zealand, you should learn about them. Ensure you know the basics about slot games to get the most out of your slot experience.

    Failure To Play Often

    Every casino game has a way of sucking all the fun if you play it too long. You can’t win by sitting at your computer, mindlessly clicking spin after spin. The best way to become a slot player in New Zealand is to steadily develop the habit of playing small bets, allowing you to make the most out of it. As with any casino game, you must play to your limits. That means knowing when to stop playing.

    Not Being Willing To Lose

    It may be hard, but if you never lose, you can never win. If you don’t want to gamble, it’s time to find another game. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to give up everything and lose everything, but it does mean that you’ll have to make some sacrifices. To do well at online slots in New Zealand, or any other game on the Internet, you’ll have to be prepared for failure, even if it’s just one time in a great while.

    Not Learning From Your Losses or Wins

    If the game is winning, you’ll want to continue playing. But if you don’t know any better and keep betting, it will only cost you more. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you keep betting and betting, it will cost you more in the long run. To win online New Zealand slots, you must learn when to stop gambling.

    Failure To Know When To Stop

    To win New Zealand slots, you must know when to stop. If you learn how to effectively claim your wins and minimize your losses, there’s no reason why you can’t win at online slots. The best way to do this is to keep a record of your bets and spins to know exactly how long you can continue playing before taking a break.

    Being Stuck on a Losing Pattern

    If the game is losing, learn how to avoid putting more money into it until you can get back on track. Failure to take advantage of an opportunity like this could easily lead to losing all of your money.

    If you want to win big, you have to play smart. Make a plan, stick to it, and be patient. If you do that, you’ll be on your way to making slots the best casino game you’ve ever played.

    Online casinos in New Zealand offer some of the most popular games in the world, including all of the favourites like slots, poker, and blackjack. The gameplay is highly polished, with various options available for play, such as table games and live dealer casino games, just to name a few. Free spins, bonus rounds, bonus games, and jackpots can be found at all times.

    The free spins can be earned on various games, including slots and bingo. They require no deposit and must be played in the casino lobby. Their benefits are that they can be converted into real money or used as a deposit in the gaming account. They are a great way to introduce new players to online casino gaming and improve the standard of play at any casino.

    You should know the basics of each game and be able to decide if they are worth playing or not. If you have high hopes they won’t be, quit while you’re ahead. The more you play, the more you realize that gambling is a great way to make money. Keep trying different methods and get what works for you.

    How to Win on Slot Machines: Tips & Tricks

    How to Win on Slot Machines: Tips & Tricks

    When it comes to gambling, there are all sorts of  games that people can play to win money. One type of game that has become increasingly popular over the years is playing slot machines. While some people may think that winning on slot machines is all about luck, there are a few tips and tricks that players can use to increase their chances of winning big. In this blog post, we will be sharing with you some tips on how you can win on slot machines.

    Slot machines are a game of chance, but there are some tips and tricks players can use

    There is no one surefire way to win on a slot machine, but there are some tips and tricks that players can use to increase their chances of winning.

    First, it is important to understand the odds of each machine. Different machines have different payouts, so it is important to choose a machine with good odds.

    Second, players should take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by casinos. These offers can give players an edge over the house.

    The third is to know how to play a game. Before you play slots you need to know how to play them.

    Start by playing the game’s demo to learn the game. It’s easier than you think! This is a free, short trial game that will give you a feel for how the slot machine works. You can play free slot games online on Netnet.

    Make a note of the number of reels and pay lines the game has. This will give you an initial idea of how the slot machine game works.

    Finally, it is important to remember that playing slots is a game of chance and there will always be ups and downs.

    One tip is to look for machines that offer higher payouts

    Slot machines are a favourite among casino visitors for their easy, one-click gameplay. But did you know that there are strategies you can use to get the best out of a slot machine? One tip is to look for machines that offer higher payouts.

    The logic is simple-the higher the payout, the better your chances of winning. So next time you’re at the casino, keep an eye out for those high-paying slots!

    Play on a slot machine with the right payout.

    The payout percentage of a slot machine is the percentage of the money played on it that the casino returns to the player. Below we give you the payout percentage of all the slot machines in the casino. Look for the slot machines with the highest payout, and play on them.

    For example, the House edge on five-cent slots is around 6.67%, while the House edge on $5 slots is around 7.5%. So, even if you end up winning on the $5 slots, you’ll have lots more of your money overall.

    Players should also try to take advantage of any bonuses or promotions that the casino offers

    Most casinos will offer some sort of bonus or promotion to new and existing players to get them to play at their establishment. Players should take advantage of these offers whenever possible as they can provide a significant boost to one’s bankroll.

    Many bonuses will require a certain amount of play before they can be cashed out, so it is important to read the terms and conditions before claiming any offer. However, as long as the requirements are reasonable, taking advantage of casino promotions can be a great way to increase one’s chances of winning big on slot machines.

    Winning at slot machines is not an easy task, but it is certainly a possibility. The better the odds, the better the chance of winning big. However, it is always important for players to remember to bet responsibly.

    One of the more important lessons of winning big at slot machines is “know when to stop.” Some players can walk away from the casino floor at the end of the day with a huge amount of money.

    Place the same amount of money on each slot machine.

    Slot machines are meant to trick you into thinking you’re winning. They’ll attract you with a large sum of money, but it’ll all be a deception to need you to invest more money. To keep you entertained, the slots will pay out large sums on rare occasions, but you will lose money over time. Electronic slots, sometimes known as e-slots, are the gaming industry’s future.

    Although employing a computer to determine what to play next may appear futuristic, technology is not prejudiced. These machines operate similarly to slot machines, with the exception that the rules are printed down. For more than a decade, electronic slots have dominated the world in popularity.


    Great New Slot Game Releases

    2 Gods Zeus Vs Thor

    Release Date: September 15, 2020

     2 Gods Zeus vs Thor is being released by Yggdrasil Gaming and is on a 5-reel and 2048 win ways grid that is split into two zones. The left side of the zone is dominated by Zeus, who is the lightning god and the right is a realm ruled by Thor, who is the thunder god. When you first see the game you will see a red button that represents Zeus and a blue that represents Thor. This is known as the Dual Spin Mechanic, which means on each of the spins the player can choose one of these buttons. There are red Greek symbols that play left to right and then there are blue Norse symbols that play from right to left and having a pay on both of these ways will double your pay lines. This means that if you get a winning combination of colours that match the button that you pressed, then you will double your payout. But if you hit the red button but there is a blue combination then you only get one time of the win value. The game looks as though it will be fun and entertaining for anyone interested. Although the mechanics may seem difficult in the beginning, you will quickly learn how to play and start making some good money.

    6 Wild Sharks

    Release Date: August 26, 2020

    6 Wild Sharks is being developed by 4ThePlayer and although it doesn’t have a large variety of games, they are very varied. It was taken from the inspiration of Jaws and Sharknado and has a game area of 4096 win ways and 6 reels. When you first play you get to choose from if you want to play Classic or Advance mode. In Classic Mode, 6 Wild Sharks can be played from 10 to 50 EUR per spin on any type of device. If you are using a mobile device, then you can either play on small reals or big reels in portrait mode, but it depends widely on your preference. The RTP in Classic mode is at 96.5% on every 3.8 spins and when the RTP rises it goes up to 97% in Advance Mode. In Advanced Mode, the reels 1,2,5, and 6 are known as the Wild Zones and you can add up to six different locked wilds that remain for every spin. 6 Wild Sharks seems like it will be great because of its two modes that can make the game so much more fun. The game is primarily about the player’s choices and the player-friendly stats that are refreshing and make you feel like you have control over what the outcome will be.

    Rage of the Seas

    Release Date: TBA 

    Rage of the Seas is developed by NetEnt who has created a fun and refreshing game. Rage of the Seas not only has a pirating theme but it also features cannons on a galleon. The NetEnt studio created a beautiful world that you can immerse yourself in. The beautiful graphics are accompanied by some epic soundtrack and the Rage of the Sea has a unique gaming experience. There is a boost symbol that lands on the 2,3, and 4 reels, and when it is activated, there is a monkey that opens a window above the specific reel that the boost had landed on. The game also has five modifier extras and each modifier has a flag that comes from the side of the boat when the extras are activated. There are:

    • Stacked wilds: This is a 1 by 4 wilds that can land on reels 2,3, or 4.
    • Multiplier: Multiplier multiplies all of your wins by two.
    • Major reel upgrade: Major reel upgrade remove the anchor and barrel symbols to make a higher possibility for wins.
    • Spreading wilds: Spreading wilds is when there is a 1 by 1 wild that lands on the 2,3, or 4 reels and can add two additional wilds except on the 1 or 5 reels.
    • Minor reel upgrade: Minor reel upgrade is when there is a removal of the steering wheel and bottle symbols.

    Rage of the Seas can seem quite difficult but it will only take a few spins for you to get adjusted. NetEnt gives the games a learning curve so that it is fun and has great graphics with a fascinating environment, Rage of the Seas is worth playing.

    Beat the Beast: Quetzalcoatl’s Trial

    Release Date: August 19, 2020 

    Beat the Beast is developed by Thunderkick which has created a fourth instalment of the Beat the Beast series which has always been about classic gaming. Quetzalcoatl is more about a deity that a beast, but the deity has a fearsome serpent form that is worth fearing. The serpent is known for representing the god of wind and wisdom, and this makes him on good terms with the Kraken, Sphinx, and Cerberus that were in the previous Beat the Beast games. Beat the Beast is a slot game that is known for its direct nature and trial of Quetzalcoatl. Each game has an emblem symbol in different forms and each emblem plays a dual role of wild and scatter. In scatter, if you get three or more emblems then you can get 10 free spins and they can also have a payout that can be more than 200 times the stake. It is up to the player to collect the wild symbols whenever they go up to the next level and when 5 wilds have been collected, then the lowest symbol that is in play is upgraded to the next win symbol. In conclusion, Beat the Beast: Quetzalcoatl’s Trial looks that it will be fun and enjoyable and it is very dependable with great potential.

    The Best VR Casinos in New Zealand

    Everything seems to be going online right now and online casinos have not been left behind. When seeking the best casino for yourself, you need something that is both fun and convenient. They need to offer the best customer service, compatibility with different access and ease of use. This requires a bit of research so ensure you do enough and avoid clicking on the first site you come across.

    What is a Virtual Reality Casino?

    Virtual Reality Casinos have become game-changers in the online casino’s industry. Virtual reality is more about interaction and immersion of players in the game, something that gamers and gamblers alike will enjoy. The games make the player feel like they are actually in the game, a fete that has taken long but has been finally achieved. These casinos, with partnerships with game developers, offer quite the variety of casino games. Most of them are some that can also be played offline in a physical casino and others are specifically made for the online arena. The graphics are majorly developed to ensure maximum enjoyment of the player. Virtual Reality casinos are divided into real money and entertainment casinos. The former allows players to earn money at certain points of the game while the latter is more of a platform for entertainment. The casinos have various features that up the game. Virtual reality casinos offer details in the gaming in terms of the rooms. Players can enter and walk around as if they were doing in an actual room. There are also realistic machines and in-game chats with other players.

    The casino allows players to pick seats at table games and interact with the dealer and the players and enjoy other perks like seeing hand gestures of themselves and other players too. There are also very real casino sounds and a player has the liberty to talk shop with other players, go off to the bar and get a drink or even lounge; all things that you could do in real life. If you are looking for one of the best online casinos in New Zealand, this review should shed some light on where to begin.

    Lucky Nugget

    This site has come a long way since it launched in 1998. The site offers an endless source of entertainment with games ranging from Blackjack, Roulette and the best pokies. With strong backing by Microgaming, the demigod of online gaming, the site is compatible with almost all iOS and Android devices. It is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Lucky Nugget offers the best table games like blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette. They also offer movie-themed games from famous blockbusters like Tombraider, Thunderstruck and classics like Couch Potato. There is also the chance to play progressive games like Mega Moolah and Fruit Fiesta, which can deliver mind-blowing payouts. They have a customer service available on live chats, email or call and numerous options for banking based on which one you prefer.

    Casino Luck

    Founded in 1999, Casino Luck has been delivering online gaming and recently virtual reality gaming on a top-notch level. The casino operates in New Zealand Dollars and accepts most banking methods, so the player can select the one that is most convenient for them. Casino luck has many pokers and lives casino games compatible on most computers and gadgets. It offers a welcome, festival/seasonal, weekly/monthly and a VIP program range of bonuses. It has a bonus validity that lasts 21 days and a 35x bonus wager and free spins requirements. It also has a withdrawal limit of $7000 per month and a working 24/7 customer service.

    Dream Vegas

    This one will give the player a Las Vegas vibe without having to travel all the way there. Their site has a glamourous look that offers superior quality scratch and table games and even better pokies. As a new player, you’ll save quite the time as it will take you 2 to 3 minutes to sign up. Their live casino from Evolution Gaming offers a memorable range of VR games. The site has a working customer service and many banking options are accepted for deposits and withdrawals. As developed in 2018, the game is specified for the New Zealand market as it uses a local currency. It offers a 35x wagering bonus and a 3-bonus bonus deposit as a welcome bonus on bonuses and free spins. The site has an option for a player to play on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. There games to expect include slot machine games, table games, live casino, progressive jackpots, dice and scratch games. The downside is that payments take at least 2-5days to reflect, which can be quite long for some people.

    888 Casino

    With more than 300+ games to choose from, New Zealanders have a lot to choose from. The site is categorized into the home page, slots & Jackpots, Casino Games, Slot Races and Live Casinos. The game offers games from the best providers like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech. After a first deposit, players get to enjoy a welcome bonus. The first five deposits also make a player viable for the premium welcome deposits for the first five deposits. The site also offers weekly promotions so it is up to the player to check up frequently. From Mastercard too PayPal and Skrill, the site offers a range of banking options to choose from for the convenience of the player. The site is secure and players can enjoy some virtual reality fan without fear for their accounts and their money. Having been upgrading from the moment they launched in 1997, 888 Casino has great customer service. The only thing that may be disappointing is that their customer service does not have a live chat and they do not accept the domestic currency.


    This casino was launched in 2008 and has been in operation since. The casino brings over 600 games to the table. They accept New Zealand Dollars with an NZ$20 minimum deposit. They do not have a solid validity on their bonus but has withdrawal limits of up to NZ$15,000. The casino has 15x bonus wager requirements on high rollers and has strong backing from gaming providers like Playtech, Microgaming and Betsoft. Gamers can enjoy an array of games like Roulette, Video Poker, Black Jack and Slots. They also have arcade games like Derby Day, Bonus Bowling and Knockout. New players get to enjoy a welcome bonus that includes deposit bonus and free spins. Referrals also offer a bonus, if a player manages to get 20 people to sign up. Their A1 graphics ensure that you enjoy the game as you continue to play. The banking options for both withdrawals and deposits are many, so a player can select the one they like or prefer best. Having an inquiry, a compliment or stuck somewhere? No problem. Casino.com offers a helpful customer support department that is available on live chat, email and phone.

    As a player for either entertainment or money, you need to ensure that you make the right selection for the best casino. Ensure the research you do helps you make an informed decision.

    Possible Casino Trends for 2021

    The first thing to mention (concerning trends) is the mobile aspect. Mobile applications are becoming more and more prominent, as the days and weeks go on. That is why we need to mention the mobile applications upfront before getting into the other core aspects of the content. Another thing to mention is about the sportsbook. Here is the thing, sportsbooks are also becoming more and more popular. The reason is that more people are getting into placing sports bets. Sports betting used to be just a hobby. Now, sports betting is a national past-time. That is why it needs to be mentioned on the list. As more people become invested (literally, figuratively, and monetarily) in sports betting, the more casinos have to make allowances for these types of trends. Make no mistake, these trends will carry on through next year. You are going to see a lot more trends specified to sports betting and mobile applications. Online mobile use is becoming such a big deal, that more trends have to make room for at least two or three new applications before they get into the others. 

    1) Online Currency

    Cryptocurrency is going to make a big splash in the coming years. More platforms are accepting more users for deposits, withdrawals, and gameplay. The reason that so many users like using the cryptocurrency option are that there is an anonymity issue there. More people are allowed to be anonymous. They can give over their information to set up their payments and money options without others knowing more than they should. Crypto has become one of the more preferred choices for most users. Expect to see crypto taking over more and more (whether you agree with that choice or not).

    2) Access Granted

    This one kind of relates to the crypto thing. Due to crypto being virtually untraceable (in so many ways), you can have access to areas you might not otherwise. Most users (who do not use crypto) only have access to certain areas. There is a protocol there. This does allow you to access areas that might be restricted to you otherwise. Now there is a legal issue here too, but with crypto, the legal issues are rather limited. That is why there is a market for this. Say, for example, you want to have access to some games in Taiwan. However, you need the authorized access to get connected. Using crypto gives you that access. Look for more of this in the future. For those who wish to keep going traditionally, we recommend using some of the other trends that do not give you that (all access) future.

    3) Consumer Habits

    Consumers change their minds a lot. Some do it regularly. It sometimes gets more challenging to keep up with the ever-changing world of consumer habits. However, online casinos are one of the few that can do this. One such change is the play for free option( particularly the mobile one). Now, some of these games do not offer direct payment for the full amount right away. Sometimes you do have to wait for the revenue to come dripping in. One way that the casino can make money right away (from free to play options) is that they charge (a small fee) for some of the upgrades. Now, you might be thinking, “How can you make a profit and make it worthwhile to the user”? The answer is that the casinos make it worth you while to invest. Keep in mind, free is not actually free. You are going to pay for the upgrades, especially if you find an online game you like. You play it for free, then pay for the upgrade to start playing for real. The good thing is that the casinos choose to upgrade a no-brainer. You can expect to see more of these play for free trends next year and beyond. It is becoming more of a thing as the days move on.

    4) Live Dealers

    As the years come and go, you will be seeing more live dealers. Live dealer games is the closest you can get to brick and mortar experience as you can get. A lot of brick and mortar locations are starting to close down. We see this happening all the time. Brick and mortar locations do not have the same appeal as they did 10 plus years ago. This brings us to live dealing. Live dealers games are becoming more popular as brick and mortar locations start to become more obsolete. That is not to say that all brick and mortar locations are closing, but they do not have the hold they once did. There is also the human interaction element. The live dealer option gives us the best of both worlds. You can interact with others virtually. That brings many benefits to people. As technology continues to advance and improve, you will be seeing a lot more options with live dealer casinos and games.

    5) A Dying Breed

    As we mentioned, there is a major decline in the brick and mortar option ( and it is not just because of COVID). There was a time when going to the casino was the preferred way of doing things. People like convenience. It is becoming more inconvenient for people to drive to a casino (especially one that is over 25 miles away). It takes gas money to go back and forth. That is money (many would argue) that could be used for gambling and playing the slots. That is just one of the many reasons that online casinos are more popular. Everything online has regular upgrades. Plus, it costs less to play at home than it does to travel to and from the casino. Brick and mortar locations are becoming a dying breed as more online technology advances and provide more options (options that brick and mortar locations do not). 

    Our Top Slot Games of 2020

    Everyone knows that the year 2020 has been a mess in every form of the word, and it has caused a lot of stress for many individuals. Many have turned to spend more time on the computer to waste time, and it has led to more individuals to begin work from home jobs. This has led to some good this year, however, with more slot games being played and developed for your enjoyment and entertainment. That is why we have compiled the below list of the best five slot games that have been played this year, so be sure to check them out!

    1. Goblin’s Cave

    Goblin’s Cave is a new slots game that came out this year with strong graphics and bright colours to really draw you in. The slogan involves stepping into this terrifying goblin’s cave and defeating him by winning the slots, but the goblin is actually part of the enjoyment of the game! He is dressed like a hipster with his new wave glasses and has bright colours across his face to make him almost cute. Nonetheless, though, this goblin has drawn in thousands of players this year to try to win the jackpot of the slots themselves and defeat him. You can bet up to $1500 on this slots game, meaning the possible winnings that will come through it are huge. You can even hold symbols after each round if you believe that they will increase your chances of winning the next time around. There are three reels of slots and you can pay through the three different lines. There are no bonuses associated with this game at the current time, but you can know that the winnings that are possible with this game are well worth taking your shot in defeating the goblin.

    2. Starburst

    Starburst is one of the top games you see in almost any online casino as soon as you enter the homepage. This game is a classic that has been around for years, but the graphics continue getting better when there are updates. It remains one of the most played games though and continues to be one of the most played games in 2020. It is colourful and offers the kind of addictive fun that comes from puzzle games such as Candy Crush or other mobile applications. There are so many opportunities to win large amounts of money on this game as well. Many online casinos offer bonuses if you choose to play Starburst through their platform. These may include up to 250 free spins or more, depending on the online casino that you are looking to utilize for your gaming needs. Some casinos also match your initial deposit by as much as 100% so that you can win virtually double the cash that you had deposited in the beginning. This is a game that you have to try for yourself to really see what all of the excitement is about and why it has been so popular for so long.

    3. Buffalo Slots

    Something else that everyone knows about the year 2020 is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals have not been able to go to casinos as they normally would. One of the most popular slot games that are found in physical casinos is this game, but it has since been renovated to an online version so that you can still experience the same thrill. Buffalo Slots has been an online casino game since 2012, but it is continuing to grow in popularity with its fun graphics and entertaining offers. There are three varieties of the Buffalo Slots games that are found in most online casinos. The three are called Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Grand, and Buffalo Gold which each offer a unique experience for each time you play these games. The experiences all contain their own graphics and their own storylines as well, but the opportunity to make big winnings and the gameplay for the three are virtually the same. This game has great software as well so that it runs smoothly and can meet your needs without glitches or errors, especially if you do win money while playing.

    4. Mega Moolah

    Las Vegas is known for hosting this slot game in some of its best casinos, and this game is also known for being one of the best games that are currently available online. There is a healthy amount of stress and tension built into this game as it is set in the savannah of Africa with wild animals hiding throughout the gameboard. You have the opportunity to earn rewards with certain actions that occur, including free spins and free prizes so you are sure to make the money that you need when engaging here. The jackpot that is offered in Mega Moolah is one of the largest jackpots that are currently available, with last year’s winnings reaching over $70 million. There is no other jackpot in an online slot game that even comes close to reaching this number, no matter what other games you are looking at. Four jackpot reels are available to play, and there is a wheel to spin so that you can earn bonuses and other rewards. During the bonus spin, you are guaranteed to win something though, which gives the gamers a sense of enjoyment when engaging in this game.

    5. Hall of Gods

    The final most popular game of 2020 for online slots is called Hall of Gods, in which the number of chances you have to win is unparalleled to any other slot game. You are playing back in the Viking times, and you play as a warrior that is Norse. This historical significance can draw players in and make them interested in the game that is being represented. You even encounter some of the Norse gods that are known throughout mythology, which come with stunning graphics and fun experiences. Thunder and lightning are some of the graphics and audio pieces that are also utilized in this game to showcase winnings or transitions that are made throughout. The audio is clear and the graphics are clean to really draw you into the game and make you interested. When referencing the many chances you have to win earlier, you should know that there are 20 pay lines to utilize while playing this game. There are five jackpot reels as well, so you really do have several chances to win. This is a game that you should not give up on.

    Final Thoughts

    Online slot games have become significantly more popular this year, especially in the face of the pandemic and social distancing. Individuals are not able to go to physical casinos, but they are still looking for ways to win big in slots. That is why this list of the five best slot games of 2020 are some that you have to check out if you are looking for a chance to win. You should also know that each game that is played above has stunning graphics to captivate you and entertain you while you are waiting to win.

    Top Online Casinos New Zealand for 3D Slots

    In New Zeeland, online casinos have been multiplying over the years. If you are fun of online games such as slot games that are 3D displayed, New Zealand has given you many choices to choose from. The best thing to be keen about when looking for an online casino is to consider some aspects such as free spins, bonuses, and jackpots, which makes the game exciting. Also, to be sure that your money is safe, you need to be sure that the casino is licensed with the authorities. The following is a combination of the best reliable and trusted online casinos in New Zealand.


    The casino roots can be traced back to 1998 is one of the pioneers of online gambling. The casino gives you over 500 games in which you can choose from being powered by Microgaming. The casino constitutes very many faithful customers due to the many bonuses and rewards it offers.

    The best thing about jackpot city is the full range of ways in which you can deposit your money, and they can accept all forms of credit/debit cards, e-wallets, direct wire transfers, and many more. When it is about the minimum deposit, the casino allows a minimum deposit of 10 currency units without a maximum depending on your banking option.

    The casino boast for being one of the best when it comes to pay-out time. It has a fast pay-out time, which makes it stand out compared to the competitors depending on the mode of withdrawal you use, you can have your funds in as less as 24 hours.

    3D slot games offered by Jackpot city

    The casino went out of its way in ensuring the customer’s satisfaction was taken care of; they brought an assortment of reel slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Some of the popular slot games include the wheel of wishes, significant millions, mega moolah, and treasure Nile.


    This is one of the best providers of online casino games due to the presence of excellent games and the high quality of the website that is easy to navigate by the players. The dynamic nature of the site makes it accessible by any device, and it is also fully licensed to operate in New Zealand.

    When a new client joins the online world of playing casino games, Betamo welcomes you with two bonuses. Apart from these bonuses, the casino also gives you 100% of your first two deposits, making the experience more exciting, which has attracted much following. This means that, if you deposit € 100, you will receive an extra € 100, saying that you will play the game with a total of € 200.

    The casino does not stop there; it gives its customers a weekly promotion where every Friday, you will receive a 50% bonus up to € 250 in addition to 100 free spins on the Ogre Empire slot game. On all Mondays, the game gifts its clients with 100 free spins on the Golden Owl of Athena for the first deposit made.

    3D slot games by Betamo casino

    The casino has various slot games including Trump It Deluxe EPIC WAYS, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, and Artefacts Vault of Fortune


    This is a fun casino website that will keep you excited throughout your gaming experience. The casino comes with magic and mystery in the Vegas environment. There is a lot of representation of the Vegas lifestyle, including the night scene of the famous strip of casinos that are visible with glitters. Playing games at dream Vegas is secure as the entity is licensed, meaning that every player is taken care of in regulatory matters.

    The casino has a wide range of software providers, ranging from Net ENT to Microgaming. This implies that the players will experience some of the best slot games in the world, such as the game of thrones and starburst. The best thing about this casino is that it awards its new customers with a welcome bonus, which goes up to £7,000 and 120 free spins. This bonus is divided on your first three deposits, which do not require any bonus code. The free spins can be used to play Net Ent slots, which includes starburst and more.

    Dream Vegas video slots games

    There are more than 100 unique games in dream Vegas in which every client can choose from. The slots have more the 1050 titles in which the software’s providers keep advancing from time to time. Some of the online slots include Bonanza, Book of Ra Deluxe, Kraken Conquest, Manhattan Goes Wild, and many more.


    Since 2019 Captain Spins Casino have embarked on making it clients always exited and entertained though various games it provides to its clients. The game invites its clients with a welcome bonus, which is very attractive to the extent of pushing competitors. The casino has concentrated on making its customers have a great time as they make an extra coin in the game.

    One of the best things that have put this casino ahead is the fantastic bonuses and power-ups which ensure that the players have what it takes to win big in the games they play. Their slots are entertaining to the extent every player wants to play more and more.

    Captain spins understand that every player money is hard-earned, and that is why every player who decides to join the winning team is rewarded a welcome bonus. There are two forms in which this bonus can be obtained the first being a one-time match for a deposit of up to $1,200 and 260 bonus spin for the slot games. The second one is for a 100% match bonus and 260 free spins, which are distributed in the player’s first four deposits.

    Captain spins casino slot games

    The player enjoys a variety of over 1000 slot games with the most popular video games to the classic three reels, which you can play even using the bonus from the deposit. Some of the 3D slot games include Mega Moolah, Slots Gold, and Mars Attacks, including many more.


    This is one of the casinos that has stood up among the plethora of online casinos. The site is launched in 2003 with a luxurious look of Europe has attracted a lot of following throughout the globe, not just New Zeeland. The site has over 400 games in the rotation section, and a whole year bonus makes it the best online casino to play the casino games.

    When it comes to customer service, the site gives the best option to its clients, including the diversity in deposit options to the client, who is over 5-million registered players. In the Europa casino, you can have a minimum of €20 and a maximum of €5000 as a deposit. All types of deposits are instantly accepted except the bank transfers, which takes several days to reflect.

    When it comes to the payout time, the casino the fastest payout time is 48 hours, with the longest being seven working days except for mail cheques, which takes several weeks.

    Europa Casino Slots games

    Jackpots, classic and video slots make up the highest percentage of this casino. The slots are popular and of a high-quality example of recently added including Iron Man 2, Gladiator, and Incredible Hulk

    With the above choices of some of the best online casinos in New Zeeland that offers the best 3D casinos, be ready to enjoy the excitements that come with the fantastic games found in these online casinos.

    Could VR change the Online Casino Industry

    Virtual reality has changed the way we perceive our world. Even virtual reality has been used in the New Zealand sports area in games. The advent of augmented reality and visualization of items even in our home has made leaps and bounds. The topic for today is can VR (virtual reality) change how our online experiences in the future, especially in the online casino industry.

    There is a bit of a backstory to virtual reality. We will cover a bit of it here. The idea for virtual reality was science fiction back in 1935 but by 1957 it had become a reality. The very first attempt at virtual reality was done with the invention of the Sensorama. This was invented by a cinematographer named Morton Heilig. This first of its kind invention offered the user the sense of smell, a viewing screen for sight, oscillating fans to stimulate touch, and speakers for sound.

    The Air Force in 1966 used a virtual reality simulator that was invented by a military engineer named Thomas Furness. The military, of course, was very interested in the use of this technology for training purposes. Furness pushed on ahead and created the Visual Coupled Airborne Systems Simulator (VCASS) in the late eighties. The virtual view was given to pilots that helped with all of the information that streamed in every moment. This enhanced the pilot’s ability to make quicker decisions using this virtual reality concept.

    As years rolled on virtual reality grew and grew into what we know it today. The game Tron made headway with the idea for game playing using virtual reality. We now have many variations to choose from and we have come a long way from the cardboard VR adaptions. These include standalone headsets that use the online environment to obtain games or virtual realities to explore to headsets that hook into your favourite gaming console.

    Virtual reality has played a big role inside so many areas of life they we may take for granted. When you use Google’s map view to follow a street view this is done by using a camera that has virtual reality augmentation hardware. The aspect of how in a not too far off future you could take a virtual reality vacation. While doing so interact with your surroundings. This may sound like science fiction but isn’t that how many things in science start.

    This now leads us to the online gaming community. The area of online gaming casino’s has become a rapidly growing industry. There are now even some online casino’s that offer “live dealer” options so it has the feeling of a real casino. The option for virtual reality where you put on your virtual headgear and you are inside the casino has now become reality for our 21st-century gamblers.

    The first evolution for brick and mortar casino’s was to put their games online, when this first started the graphics were not that great and the feel was just not at all like being at a real live casino. Igaming helped out in many ways to make the experience more enjoyable. Then there is the next evolution, the virtual reality casino where it is as good or even better than being at the brick and mortar casino.

    What are some of the things to expect from a virtual reality casino? The first is a real-time multiplayer interaction. There are chat functions that are voice integrated, so it is really like you are there talking and yelling it out when you hit it big. The environment itself will give you the sense auditory and visually that you are in a ‘real’ casino.

    The specifications to play at a VR online casino will no doubt be more than your regular ordinary computer has. You will also need virtual reality headgear such as Occulus. The computer you are using needs to have at least GeForce GTX 970 or greater graphics card. A CPU that is higher than Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM or more, two 3.0 USB ports, and HDMI 1.3. Then last but not least an operating system of Windows 7 or higher. The gambler that wants to be immersed in the virtual reality of an online casino needs to have a powerhouse of a machine. This basically will create smooth gameplay without glitches and jumps. The refresh rate for virtual reality is 90fps to make excellent gameplay, however, the normal regular computer or laptop only does 60fps.

    The creators of virtual reality online casino’s did keep in mind that not everyone could go buy a data glove to use the virtual reality. You can still use your keyboard or controller to interact and play the games. You will need to download the virtual reality casino’s application you choose to play, many of the online casino games can be just played using a browser but since we are dealing with software and hardware working together a download is required and it is free.

    In closing the idea of gambling has always been fun. Now with technology blazing new avenues for the gaming industry as a whole, it seems that the sky is the limit. The best thing about virtual online casino playing is you can do so from the comfort of your own home even in your pj’s.

    Best Online 3D Slot Games

    Now when it comes to online gaming, we all know that casino 3D slot games that they are a blast. So when you have free time why not give it a shot? There are tons of fun games to play, but in what way you may ask? When it comes to playing free casino games, you may more than not come across some that are high in detail, which comes across as a no brainer due to the nature of technology now making things seem super realistic to where you can’t tell if your watching tv or playing a game. Assuming from whatever game caught your attention you will now be transported into hyper-dimension with jaw-dropping animation and audio. Below I’m going to show you a few of the best 3D slot games currently online to play. We are going to talk about: Tigers Claw Finn and Swirly Spin Casinos Cosmos Egg-O-Matic Vikings Go to Hell Safari Sam Casino Cosmos This game has been created by one of many but not shy of the crowd from being the best in the industry. Their name is Yggdrasil Gaming. Casino Cosmos is one of their newest slot game and making you fall in love with it especially if you’re a fan of Scifi Movies, beautiful art, and steampunk. Aside from the amazing graphics, you have the chance to win up to 20 free spins with an easy chance to get them again, fun collectible symbols that result in free spins.

    Vikings Go to Hell This game Viking Go To Hell you’d be able to find in almost ANY casino and for a good reason. It has insanely great introductions at the beginning of the game. You can earn a range of points that then eventually provide you with bonuses to play other fun games within the game itself! While playing you are provided with the chance to with up to three thousand times against your bet. The anime and audio are absolutely out of this world throughout the entire game.

    Egg-O-Matic Egg-O-Matic has some amazing looking visuals when it comes to online casino gaming. Yet that shouldn’t come as a surprise being that it was created by NetEnt. in this particular game, you will be in an egg factory run by robots where in this game it’s not going to be hitting its traditional targets. Your job will be, depending on if you choose to accept your player role or not. In this game, you have to get all of the eggs onto the rail so that the rooster can then try to crack them to then reveal your prize.

    Finn and the Swirly Spinn Finn and the Swirly Spinn is actually leprechaun themed. I love Leprechauns, so this by far is a really fun casino game to play online with tons of ways to win and earn more than any other game so far. Finn is the leprechaun who sits at the end of a rainbow in the game on the corner of the screen. The game features bonus little games in different areas held in different locations in the game. The whole objective of the game is to find the pot of gold for Finn. form time to time he does help you out and gives you hints and neat tips throughout the game, sometimes he holds the deepest secrets to the game for new mechanics that are needed to keep the game moving forward smoothly. You have more than one way to win with the way the game operates rather than the traditional static movement, the rocks move inward giving you many ways to win.

    Tigers Claw With Tigers Claw, there are more than 700 different ways to win this excellent 3d slot game which has some pretty cool reel setups. The way the game is built for some may take some time getting used to, but when you do figure out how it works it’s quite rewarding. The secret o getting over 200 in free spins is finding the tigers claw and you will get 200 free spins.

    Safari Sam Sam thinks he rules all of the Plains of Africa. So why don’t we tell him he isn’t the gamekeeper or the ruler for the plains of Africa. After playing this super awesome game for some time you’ll start to notice that this isn’t the case for Safari Sam. Safari Samis a fast-moving yet tense game Compared to the prior games we’ve mentioned in this article with collapsing stacks and random multipliers out of your control are hidden throughout the game. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of some of the best free 3D slot games that are available to you online here to play together or individually. However the case. Have fun!

    Top 3D Casinos

    Top Casinos

    The close link between technology and gambling has fired up various platforms or projects in the recent past. From online gambling to 3D gambling, we have all witnessed a lot. Considering AI (Artificial Intelligence) is around the corner; one cannot predict what’s coming. But for now, it is good to stick to basics and think about the present. That very point brings us to our topic, i.e. top 3D casinos. Thanks to the factor of demand, various individuals want to know all about 3D casinos and which one’s the best. Hence, if you are curious, then keep reading to know more.


    1. 888 Casino

    The 3D experience at 888 Casino is an extraordinary feature that goes beyond words. From intense graphics to classic games, this casino has all that it takes to craft the weekend. Unlike other casinos, 888 is a  full range 3D casino. That means that games aren’t the only aspects that are 3D. Instead, you can have a complete view of the casino in the right mode. Going further, their slots are another aspect of desire. They are abundant, and you get to choose from a long list of options.

    2. bet365

    bet365 is another popular choice that is entirely known around all gamblers. Their options and features are well on par with what the industry can offer, and they help you make the most of it. Their 3D experience was at its developmental stages for quite some time, but things have taken off. They offer complete 3D, and you need to be ready for the immersive experience. Like 888 Casino, they have different types of games and can provide you with one that suits your level of interest. Hence, if you’re looking for an excellent 3D gambling experience, then look no further than bet365.


    3. Casino.com

    Casino.com stood up to the race for 3D and was also quite successful. They began things on a basic note and then went up to offer customers with what they need at the moment. The complete 3D package was available, and some of them were free. Be it poker or slots; all your favourite gambling needs could be satisfied in 3D. Apart from that, their payment option was also inclusive, and people appreciated the same.

    4. Spin Palace Casino

    Spin Palace Casino has all the right features for any beginner to get started in the world of gambling. To make matters better, their 3D experience can also comfort you throughout this journey. Like any other casino, they offer some of the best games with a slight reduction in the number of slots. Apart from that, they try to cover up the rest and display exciting aspects for gamblers and players.