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Top 3D Poker Games


Seven Card Stud

A longer version of Texas hold’ em but which involves a lot of strategies for your right win.

Omaha High

A variant of poker which is the best when you are looking to keep the spirit of poker alive with a chance at luck.

Texas Hold’em

One of the most common poker game which can be your go-to if you are looking to socialize with the people.

Razz (7 Card Stud Low)

This is nothing but a different variant of the seven-card stud,  but with a twist of lower settings.

Spin & Go poker

A fun version which can be played with your family and friends for a night that you will never forget.

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Could VR change the Online Casino Industry

Virtual reality has changed the way we perceive our world. Even virtual reality has been used in the New Zealand sports area in games. The advent of augmented reality and visualization of items even in our home has made leaps and bounds. The topic for today is can VR (virtual reality) change how our online experiences in the future, especially in the online casino industry.

There is a bit of a backstory to virtual reality. We will cover a bit of it here. The idea for virtual reality was science fiction back in 1935 but by 1957 it had become a reality. The very first attempt at virtual reality was done with the invention of the Sensorama. This was invented by a cinematographer named Morton Heilig. This first of its kind invention offered the user the sense of smell, a viewing screen for sight, oscillating fans to stimulate touch, and speakers for sound.

The Air Force in 1966 used a virtual reality simulator that was invented by a military engineer named Thomas Furness. The military, of course, was very interested in the use of this technology for training purposes. Furness pushed on ahead and created the Visual Coupled Airborne Systems Simulator (VCASS) in the late eighties. The virtual view was given to pilots that helped with all of the information that streamed in every moment. This enhanced the pilot’s ability to make quicker decisions using this virtual reality concept.

As years rolled on virtual reality grew and grew into what we know it today. The game Tron made headway with the idea for game playing using virtual reality. We now have many variations to choose from and we have come a long way from the cardboard VR adaptions. These include standalone headsets that use the online environment to obtain games or virtual realities to explore to headsets that hook into your favourite gaming console.

Virtual reality has played a big role inside so many areas of life they we may take for granted. When you use Google’s map view to follow a street view this is done by using a camera that has virtual reality augmentation hardware. The aspect of how in a not too far off future you could take a virtual reality vacation. While doing so interact with your surroundings. This may sound like science fiction but isn’t that how many things in science start.

This now leads us to the online gaming community. The area of online gaming casino’s has become a rapidly growing industry. There are now even some online casino’s that offer “live dealer” options so it has the feeling of a real casino. The option for virtual reality where you put on your virtual headgear and you are inside the casino has now become reality for our 21st-century gamblers.

The first evolution for brick and mortar casino’s was to put their games online, when this first started the graphics were not that great and the feel was just not at all like being at a real live casino. Igaming helped out in many ways to make the experience more enjoyable. Then there is the next evolution, the virtual reality casino where it is as good or even better than being at the brick and mortar casino.

What are some of the things to expect from a virtual reality casino? The first is a real-time multiplayer interaction. There are chat functions that are voice integrated, so it is really like you are there talking and yelling it out when you hit it big. The environment itself will give you the sense auditory and visually that you are in a ‘real’ casino.

The specifications to play at a VR online casino will no doubt be more than your regular ordinary computer has. You will also need virtual reality headgear such as Occulus. The computer you are using needs to have at least GeForce GTX 970 or greater graphics card. A CPU that is higher than Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM or more, two 3.0 USB ports, and HDMI 1.3. Then last but not least an operating system of Windows 7 or higher. The gambler that wants to be immersed in the virtual reality of an online casino needs to have a powerhouse of a machine. This basically will create smooth gameplay without glitches and jumps. The refresh rate for virtual reality is 90fps to make excellent gameplay, however, the normal regular computer or laptop only does 60fps.

The creators of virtual reality online casino’s did keep in mind that not everyone could go buy a data glove to use the virtual reality. You can still use your keyboard or controller to interact and play the games. You will need to download the virtual reality casino’s application you choose to play, many of the online casino games can be just played using a browser but since we are dealing with software and hardware working together a download is required and it is free.

In closing the idea of gambling has always been fun. Now with technology blazing new avenues for the gaming industry as a whole, it seems that the sky is the limit. The best thing about virtual online casino playing is you can do so from the comfort of your own home even in your pj’s.

Best Online 3D Slot Games

Now when it comes to online gaming, we all know that casino 3D slot games that they are a blast. So when you have free time why not give it a shot? There are tons of fun games to play, but in what way you may ask? When it comes to playing free casino games, you may more than not come across some that are high in detail, which comes across as a no brainer due to the nature of technology now making things seem super realistic to where you can’t tell if your watching tv or playing a game. Assuming from whatever game caught your attention you will now be transported into hyper-dimension with jaw-dropping animation and audio. Below I’m going to show you a few of the best 3D slot games currently online to play. We are going to talk about: Tigers Claw Finn and Swirly Spin Casinos Cosmos Egg-O-Matic Vikings Go to Hell Safari Sam Casino Cosmos This game has been created by one of many but not shy of the crowd from being the best in the industry. Their name is Yggdrasil Gaming. Casino Cosmos is one of their newest slot game and making you fall in love with it especially if you’re a fan of Scifi Movies, beautiful art, and steampunk. Aside from the amazing graphics, you have the chance to win up to 20 free spins with an easy chance to get them again, fun collectible symbols that result in free spins.

Vikings Go to Hell This game Viking Go To Hell you’d be able to find in almost ANY casino and for a good reason. It has insanely great introductions at the beginning of the game. You can earn a range of points that then eventually provide you with bonuses to play other fun games within the game itself! While playing you are provided with the chance to with up to three thousand times against your bet. The anime and audio are absolutely out of this world throughout the entire game.

Egg-O-Matic Egg-O-Matic has some amazing looking visuals when it comes to online casino gaming. Yet that shouldn’t come as a surprise being that it was created by NetEnt. in this particular game, you will be in an egg factory run by robots where in this game it’s not going to be hitting its traditional targets. Your job will be, depending on if you choose to accept your player role or not. In this game, you have to get all of the eggs onto the rail so that the rooster can then try to crack them to then reveal your prize.

Finn and the Swirly Spinn Finn and the Swirly Spinn is actually leprechaun themed. I love Leprechauns, so this by far is a really fun casino game to play online with tons of ways to win and earn more than any other game so far. Finn is the leprechaun who sits at the end of a rainbow in the game on the corner of the screen. The game features bonus little games in different areas held in different locations in the game. The whole objective of the game is to find the pot of gold for Finn. form time to time he does help you out and gives you hints and neat tips throughout the game, sometimes he holds the deepest secrets to the game for new mechanics that are needed to keep the game moving forward smoothly. You have more than one way to win with the way the game operates rather than the traditional static movement, the rocks move inward giving you many ways to win.

Tigers Claw With Tigers Claw, there are more than 700 different ways to win this excellent 3d slot game which has some pretty cool reel setups. The way the game is built for some may take some time getting used to, but when you do figure out how it works it’s quite rewarding. The secret o getting over 200 in free spins is finding the tigers claw and you will get 200 free spins.

Safari Sam Sam thinks he rules all of the Plains of Africa. So why don’t we tell him he isn’t the gamekeeper or the ruler for the plains of Africa. After playing this super awesome game for some time you’ll start to notice that this isn’t the case for Safari Sam. Safari Samis a fast-moving yet tense game Compared to the prior games we’ve mentioned in this article with collapsing stacks and random multipliers out of your control are hidden throughout the game. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of some of the best free 3D slot games that are available to you online here to play together or individually. However the case. Have fun!

Top 3D Casinos

Top Casinos

The close link between technology and gambling has fired up various platforms or projects in the recent past. From online gambling to 3D gambling, we have all witnessed a lot. Considering AI (Artificial Intelligence) is around the corner; one cannot predict what’s coming. But for now, it is good to stick to basics and think about the present. That very point brings us to our topic, i.e. top 3D casinos. Thanks to the factor of demand, various individuals want to know all about 3D casinos and which one’s the best. Hence, if you are curious, then keep reading to know more.


1. 888 Casino

The 3D experience at 888 Casino is an extraordinary feature that goes beyond words. From intense graphics to classic games, this casino has all that it takes to craft the weekend. Unlike other casinos, 888 is a  full range 3D casino. That means that games aren’t the only aspects that are 3D. Instead, you can have a complete view of the casino in the right mode. Going further, their slots are another aspect of desire. They are abundant, and you get to choose from a long list of options.

2. bet365

bet365 is another popular choice that is entirely known around all gamblers. Their options and features are well on par with what the industry can offer, and they help you make the most of it. Their 3D experience was at its developmental stages for quite some time, but things have taken off. They offer complete 3D, and you need to be ready for the immersive experience. Like 888 Casino, they have different types of games and can provide you with one that suits your level of interest. Hence, if you’re looking for an excellent 3D gambling experience, then look no further than bet365.


3. Casino.com

Casino.com stood up to the race for 3D and was also quite successful. They began things on a basic note and then went up to offer customers with what they need at the moment. The complete 3D package was available, and some of them were free. Be it poker or slots; all your favourite gambling needs could be satisfied in 3D. Apart from that, their payment option was also inclusive, and people appreciated the same.

4. Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace Casino has all the right features for any beginner to get started in the world of gambling. To make matters better, their 3D experience can also comfort you throughout this journey. Like any other casino, they offer some of the best games with a slight reduction in the number of slots. Apart from that, they try to cover up the rest and display exciting aspects for gamblers and players.

Top Tips to Win at 3D Poker

3D Poker

The introduction of 3D into gambling was a well thought out move since everything is leaping towards virtual reality. Among this process, casino games turned towards 3D, and certain aspects changed. Although the rules remain the same, different themes and adventurous storylines are elements that make the difference. That brings us to our main topic, i.e. tips to win at 3D poker. If you’re facing a hard time wondering about the difference between online Poker and 3D Poker, then you need to know that there aren’t any differences in terms of rules. So these sets of tips can also be used for online Poker. On that note, here are some tips to win at 3D poker.


1. Practise

You may have been an expert in Poker, but for 3D, you require some practice. This is essential if you wish to get used to the terms of playing. By spending hours playing Poker, you will be familiar with how things work in the world of 3D. The initial matters that cause trouble can be eliminated, and you will understand how to go about them. Hence, relax and keep practising.

2. Develop Strategies

Unlike other games, one can say that Poker heaps more on strategies. The usual luck may not favour us in Poker since the game moves according to an individual’s move. For this purpose, it was quite essential for you to develop strategies and play the game in different scenarios. Understanding the mistakes that are caused by your opponent and then making a move to benefit the same, are all aspects that are part of a strategy.


3. Single Table

The world of 3D Poker can be exciting, and you would want to try out the multi-table option. But by all means, you need to understand that you are not ready for the same. For this purpose, you need to have a start that is small and informative. So learn to play with single tables and then make a move for the big ones. This strategy will only seem to benefit you since you will have the will to face problems.

4. Distractions Aside

You require a certain level of concentration to play and adapt to Poker. If that is lost along the process, then you may not be able to tabulate your opponent’s moves. So by all means, you need to play Poker at a place that does not have any distractions. With the immersive effect of 3D, you need to understand that distractions can also be harmful. You can lose focus, make a wrong move and then move forward to lose a lot of money. Hence, leave aside all kinds of distractions and play the game.

All That You Should Know About 3D Slots

About 3D Slots

Gambling has had its way across numerous individuals for years together. That very effect made people develop various platforms to enjoy some good old gambling. The very latest to join that space can be 3D. Although it has been around for a long time, it’s advanced gaming effects were known recently. Due to the extent of gambling games, we are going to keep things simple and speak about a particular game alone. Yes, you have read the title, so it is 3D slots. Hence, if here’s all that you need to know about 3D slots.


What Does it Mean?

If the idea about 3D gives you an image of an individual wearing glasses, then you need to know that things are different for slots. In 3D slots, you don’t require such glasses because it is a combination of images that can give you the 3D experience. Just like the standard set, they tend to leap forward, and the feeling of being immersive comes into the picture. This is one of the ideal reasons why people have started to move towards 3D slot machines.

Where to Play?

Looking for ways to play 3D slots might end up making you feel happy because you need not shell out a lot of money for the same. Numerous online websites tend to offer the overall 3d experience and have slots as the option. Apart from that, online casinos provide this aspect on the basis of a membership fee. Just by conducting a small search, you can get the basic idea about playing this game.


Is it Different from the Rest?

As we all know, there are various versions to slot games, as they keep getting introduced from time to time. You can also count 3D Slots to be a part of that narrative, provided you add a bunch of changes. Unlike the normal method, 3D slots include more spins, features and so on. The additional feature for multiplayer is another aspect that we cannot stop bragging about. Leaving the old norms aside, 3D slots offer an overall experience that remains to be memorable.

Can We Avail Bonuses?

People are not aware of the availability of 3D casinos and thus believe that you need to play 3D slots separately. Due to that, they think that bonuses do not exist and one may never get a promotion. So we are here to clear that air of misconception once and for all. Yes, there are online 3D casinos where you can play 3D slots for as long as you want. According to their operational basis, you will be faced with a bunch of points that describe the criteria to obtain the bonus and promotional points.

A List of Advantages About 3D Slots


The 3D casino experience is filling a certain set of people with expectations and another set with excitement. By all means, the virtual experience is rewarding, and a majority of people seem to agree. A unique reason for the same has to deal with slots and its innovation. Although people had a long term connection with slots, 3D slots took it out of the park. This feature has turned conventional gambling with innovation and everyone seems to be happy. Hence, to help you understand the feeling, here’s a list of advantages that 3D slots have brought to the table.


1. More Options

When it comes to choice, 3D slots have played the cards right. Various gambling companies have come forward with different options, leaving people confused. By all means, you can pick one based on your level of interest and begin to gamble. Most of these games also come with a storyline, theme and an adventure-filled journey. So you can pick whatever you want from the long list since everything has the power to leave you satisfied.


2. Bonuses and Rewards

Right from its introduction, online casinos have given us rewards and a lot of points for playing. But most of these achievements came through slots, and one should never forget the same. Be it a welcome bonus or levels; everyone had a reason to earn points. With slots in hand, that very reason escalated further, and people were glad about the same. Due to the addictive nature of 3D slots, people kept playing and earning like never before. Since this feature seems to be going strong, one can never predict the end.


3. Accessibility

Gambling was not something that everyone could play due to a lot of reasons. But through time, all these reasons started to become irrelevant. With excellent accessibility in terms of 3D slots, one may forget all about struggles. For 3D slots, you don’t require a lot except a computer and an internet connection. Due to that, people can enjoy unlimited access to the world of gambling and slots have made it all the more exciting.

4. Graphics

There is a particular reason why it is called 3D slots. The type of graphics and immersive experience is something that you cannot avail elsewhere. Since the right kind of casinos have come to accept the same, you can be assured of quality games. Apart from reality, this mode of virtual experience brings something different to the table. With the option to walk around a casino, you can also venture into a complete pattern of 3D. Hence, that ends our list of advantages that are part of the overall 3D slot experience.

Casinos and 3D Casinos

3D Casinos

The platforms for gambling have been subject to constant change, and people are engrossed in either one. Be it full-fledged casinos or 3D casinos; people seem to be making their pick. But right in the middle, there might be a couple of confused individuals. So if you are one of them, then you need to know that this article is meant for you. Yes, that’s right because we are going to compare aspects between casinos and 3D casinos to come out with differences. Hence, here it goes.

1. Convenience

When it comes to convenience, we’re all aware of who the winner is. Yes, the prize goes to 3D casinos, since you can play them from anywhere. Unlike casinos, you need not travel and then go ahead to gamble. A simple internet connection and a membership (if they are not free) are all that you need for 3D casinos. Due to this, one can also recognise that numerous people are entering the field of gambling. Since they also offer tutorials, it is quite easy for one to get started.


2. Virtual Experience vs Reality

This was a tough decision to make since it all depends on individual perspectives. Some may find virtual experiences to be better than reality, whereas few others believe that reality is way better. Regardless, we are going to speak about both these experiences. When it comes to 3D casinos, you can be assured to get your virtual experience immersive and exciting. Towards the end, it will feel like you are sitting inside a casino.
On the other hand, casinos have been the age-old tradition and reality cannot lie. There are no limits for the kind of fun that you will be facing at a casino. Hence, pick the winner by yourself.

3. Options

In terms of options and choices, then one might have to slide with 3D casinos. The number of slot games, poker, blackjack etc. are all sources that indicate the phenomenal options that 3D casinos have. But that does not leave casinos far behind because their number reeks of classic games that are known to all gamblers. Either of these choices is meant to suit a particular target or set of people who find fun in the same.

4. Payment Options

Looking for payment options while betting or gambling is an essential criterion that every gambler needs to look into. On that note, both our players offer fierce competition. 3D casinos are known to accept all kinds of payment methods with most of them being digital. Whereas casinos also accept the required set of options that people need at the moment. But if you need a winner, then you need to know that certain online casinos accept Bitcoin.

The Pros and Cons of 3D Gambling

The need for innovation is something that has swept all across all forms of needs and requirements. Aspects tend to move further when it comes to gaming and gambling has always been on par. Although things started with online casinos, it has reached up to 3D casinos. Thanks to that, people are engrossed with 3D trying to make the most out of the same. But is this innovation a boon or gain for the gambling industry? Well, if you wish to find out, then you need to read our list of pros and cons.


1. Pros

The Immersive Experience

We are all aware of what 3D brings to the table and how it keeps matters satisfied. The kind of experience that you are going to have with 3D goes beyond imagination when you include gambling. Playing classic games and moving all across a virtual casino is an ideal experience that every gambler needs to experience at least once in their life.


Aspects of Comfort

By all means, 3D casinos do not ask for much. If you have a computer and a good internet connection, then you are good to go. With small payments here and there, you can venture into the world of a virtual casino. Due to all that, you can have the time of your life and also save on some transportation cost. Hence, going by current terms and conditions, it is quite safe to say that 3D casinos are extremely comfortable.


2. Cons

Leaving Aside Conventional Methods

The history of gambling has numerous links with the Mafia, drugs, and so on. Upon legalisation, casinos came into the picture and made aspects fruitful. Since then, places like Las Vegas and the recent Macau have changed the face of gambling. But with 3D gambling around, people tend to forget the history and how everything started. Through time, the old books tend to get passed as content without any value.


Reality is Way More Appealing

Visiting a casino and gambling away tends to heap up excitement and fun at the same time. By all means, this highlights reality, unlike a virtual experience. In this world, your eyes speak the truth, and you can witness everything in detail. With events and other gatherings at a casino, they tend to boast the weekend like never before. Hence, if you’re going with digital platforms, you will be missing out on a lot.


3. Conclusion

Picking between 3D casinos and Casinos is a choice that an individual has to make. Regardless of the answer, both these platforms are going to remain and grow beyond boundaries. Just like how Macau came to question Vegas, AI may come to question 3D.

Solutions for Problems relating to 3D Slots


You might have heard a lot about online slots and how aspects have improved with the introduction of 3D. By all means, this is an excellent thing since it seems to make people happy. But there are some who consider this to be a downfall. So we decided to check into these points and understand the truth of the matter. By doing so, we believe that we have come up with a few solutions to these problems. Thanks to the mixed response of slots, it is essential to note that these points do not affect anyone and everyone. Hence, to be more specific, here are a bunch of solutions to common problems associated with 3D slots.


Visual Problems

One of the biggest problems that people have faced with potential graphics is the kind of stress that their eyes go through. These high stake games are visually appealing and involve a ton of graphics. Due to that very reason, it is important to note specific individuals might not find matters to be comfortable. Although a majority of the people do not have this problem, it is important to consider the ones who do have this problem.


A solution to this issue can come in so many forms and ways. One of the best aspects will be to consult an Ophthalmologist. He/she will be able to fix end up with you wearing glasses or amending aspects for the contrast. Hence, you need not get worried since this matter meets a solution.

Addictive Nature

3D slots are appealing and contain a visual storyline. It tends to look deeper into the imagination of an individual and make them think. By doing so, these games have become quite addictive, and people tend to play it more often. Games turning into a habit is not something new, and various cases have been reported. Due to that, you need to know that solutions are right around the corner.


The best solution to this matter will be to begin in the right manner. For this purpose, you need to allocate a couple of hours for playing Poker. Going beyond this limit should never be accepted. This move brings your will power into question and aspects of control depends upon you. Once you get adapted to this strategy, then aspects will be easy.



Be it 3D slots or Poker, such incidents are common. Only an individual with the right attitude can beat the odds and claim to be the winner. Hence by keeping the correct limit, you can make the most of your 3D experience with Slots.

Few of the Best Online 3D Slot Machines

From the moment 3D got associated with slots, people have been wanting to play the game. For that purpose, they began to search for all aspects of the same, so that they can venture forward. But there was one aspect that everyone forgot to look into, i.e. understanding the best. Yes, that’s right. There are numerous  slot games in the market, and you cannot know the best without analysis and comparison. Since we have come prepared with both those requirements, here are a few best online 3D Slot machines.



Microgaming brought everyone to the gaming platform as they launched Dragonz. The innovative slot game had all the right kind of features to get established and move ahead in the industry. With the option of free games, you will have to go across dragons, if you wish to pick a set of your choice. Their spin bonus and other modes of rewards were all well appreciated by people from all corners. Due to the kind of impact that it created, it is quite fair to call it one of the best. Hence, if you are looking to play some 3D slots, then Draginz is the right answer.


Betsoft is another company that is credited well for all the right reasons. Through time, their launches or products have been pushing the envelope towards innovation and enhancement. The adventure-filled Enchanted is another game from their set of products. With unique features, the game was able to withstand competition and convince people to come forward and make matter count. Once the adventure kicks, you will realise that you are addicted to this game since it brings  fun and excitement to the table. By all means, if adventure suits your appetite, then Enchanted can help you out.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Going by history, you will understand that Jack and the Beanstalk was one of the first 3D slot games to hit the internet. Right from production, till its implementation, people were all puzzled about the same. But by the time it came to light, everyone came on board trying to figure out what it stood for and they were not disappointed. A storyline and decent graphics were another set of features that also played a crucial role in lifting this game.

Lion Dance

Red Tiger is another company that has a long list of followers. The game gains its underlying theme from the Chinese Festival and takes you through some critical aspects. The kind of graphics that it launched was incredible, and it did a great job of adapting to the storyline. Hence, a complete marathon of 3D Slot games cannot be completed without including Lion Dance.