Our Top Slot Games of 2020

Our Top Slot Games of 2020

Everyone knows that the year 2020 has been a mess in every form of the word, and it has caused a lot of stress for many individuals. Many have turned to spend more time on the computer to waste time, and it has led to more individuals to begin work from home jobs. This has led to some good this year, however, with more slot games being played and developed for your enjoyment and entertainment. That is why we have compiled the below list of the best five slot games that have been played this year, so be sure to check them out!

1. Goblin’s Cave

Goblin’s Cave is a new slots game that came out this year with strong graphics and bright colours to really draw you in. The slogan involves stepping into this terrifying goblin’s cave and defeating him by winning the slots, but the goblin is actually part of the enjoyment of the game! He is dressed like a hipster with his new wave glasses and has bright colours across his face to make him almost cute. Nonetheless, though, this goblin has drawn in thousands of players this year to try to win the jackpot of the slots themselves and defeat him. You can bet up to $1500 on this slots game, meaning the possible winnings that will come through it are huge. You can even hold symbols after each round if you believe that they will increase your chances of winning the next time around. There are three reels of slots and you can pay through the three different lines. There are no bonuses associated with this game at the current time, but you can know that the winnings that are possible with this game are well worth taking your shot in defeating the goblin.

2. Starburst

Starburst is one of the top games you see in almost any online casino as soon as you enter the homepage. This game is a classic that has been around for years, but the graphics continue getting better when there are updates. It remains one of the most played games though and continues to be one of the most played games in 2020. It is colourful and offers the kind of addictive fun that comes from puzzle games such as Candy Crush or other mobile applications. There are so many opportunities to win large amounts of money on this game as well. Many online casinos offer bonuses if you choose to play Starburst through their platform. These may include up to 250 free spins or more, depending on the online casino that you are looking to utilize for your gaming needs. Some casinos also match your initial deposit by as much as 100% so that you can win virtually double the cash that you had deposited in the beginning. This is a game that you have to try for yourself to really see what all of the excitement is about and why it has been so popular for so long.

3. Buffalo Slots

Something else that everyone knows about the year 2020 is that due to the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals have not been able to go to casinos as they normally would. One of the most popular slot games that are found in physical casinos is this game, but it has since been renovated to an online version so that you can still experience the same thrill. Buffalo Slots has been an online casino game since 2012, but it is continuing to grow in popularity with its fun graphics and entertaining offers. There are three varieties of the Buffalo Slots games that are found in most online casinos. The three are called Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Grand, and Buffalo Gold which each offer a unique experience for each time you play these games. The experiences all contain their own graphics and their own storylines as well, but the opportunity to make big winnings and the gameplay for the three are virtually the same. This game has great software as well so that it runs smoothly and can meet your needs without glitches or errors, especially if you do win money while playing.

4. Mega Moolah

Las Vegas is known for hosting this slot game in some of its best casinos, and this game is also known for being one of the best games that are currently available online. There is a healthy amount of stress and tension built into this game as it is set in the savannah of Africa with wild animals hiding throughout the gameboard. You have the opportunity to earn rewards with certain actions that occur, including free spins and free prizes so you are sure to make the money that you need when engaging here. The jackpot that is offered in Mega Moolah is one of the largest jackpots that are currently available, with last year’s winnings reaching over $70 million. There is no other jackpot in an online slot game that even comes close to reaching this number, no matter what other games you are looking at. Four jackpot reels are available to play, and there is a wheel to spin so that you can earn bonuses and other rewards. During the bonus spin, you are guaranteed to win something though, which gives the gamers a sense of enjoyment when engaging in this game.

5. Hall of Gods

The final most popular game of 2020 for online slots is called Hall of Gods, in which the number of chances you have to win is unparalleled to any other slot game. You are playing back in the Viking times, and you play as a warrior that is Norse. This historical significance can draw players in and make them interested in the game that is being represented. You even encounter some of the Norse gods that are known throughout mythology, which come with stunning graphics and fun experiences. Thunder and lightning are some of the graphics and audio pieces that are also utilized in this game to showcase winnings or transitions that are made throughout. The audio is clear and the graphics are clean to really draw you into the game and make you interested. When referencing the many chances you have to win earlier, you should know that there are 20 pay lines to utilize while playing this game. There are five jackpot reels as well, so you really do have several chances to win. This is a game that you should not give up on.

Final Thoughts

Online slot games have become significantly more popular this year, especially in the face of the pandemic and social distancing. Individuals are not able to go to physical casinos, but they are still looking for ways to win big in slots. That is why this list of the five best slot games of 2020 are some that you have to check out if you are looking for a chance to win. You should also know that each game that is played above has stunning graphics to captivate you and entertain you while you are waiting to win.

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